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For the people asking for the url of my new blog, click here

Also, I feel like we need to compensate you, so i’ll promo the first 5 blogs that message me or like this post, as a goodbye promo!

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you may know for a long time that this blog is basically dead, so i want to make it official. From now, we won’t be updating the blog anymore, we won’t delete the blog so you can look at the clothes that we have already posted, but we wont post anything new. 

I’m sorry guys, but I hope that you like the blog and had a good time following us. 

- Nico

PD: for the friend i made in this blog and the people who is interested, i’m still on tumblr, but i’m not into 1d anymore, so if you want my blog message me and i’ll post it.

Harry in Paris (April 2013),

I actually just ordered this beanie for myself the other day… -Shawnie

Harry (May 2013),

Thanks footiestyles!

Louis (May 2013),

Thanks styeshaw!

Harry at LAX (April 2013),

Harry, May 3, 2013,

  • Ring: Grateful Dead ($26.00) [Just like his]
  • The other ring says ‘peace’ which we don’t know where it’s from and haven’t seen anything similar. 


Thanks shawnie-jo!

Niall in Brussels (5/2/13),

  • Shirt: ASOS ($63.18) 

    The stripes on the back of Niall’s are maroon and not turquoise like the one on ASOS, so I’m guessing the maroon one is sold out or sold elsewhere.

Thanks fringuesdeseries, byourself-bhappy & anon for all sending this in!