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Harry in Belfast (3/10/13),

  • Shorts: Nike ($27.99 - $29.95)
  • Also available here ($34.00) and here ($25.98)
  • Also on Nike’s website here ($40.00) and here ($36.00)

*They’re all slightly different materials, and based on the quality of the picture I can’t be 100% on which material his are made out of but they’re all quite similar. :)

Thanks shawnie-jo!

Louis in Africa,

  • Shorts: Nike ($59.99)

Thanks shawnie-jo!

Harry at the gym
Shoes: Nike Free Run+ 2 ($100)
Thanks to  innocuous

Harry at the gym

Thanks to  innocuous

Leaving the Rays of Sunshine Meeting ( May 9, 2012) 

Louis, today (28/04/2012)

In Santa Monica, Ca (April 3, 2012)

Shirt; Tee (exact?); Pants (not exact); Shoes

St. Patrick’s Day/ Walmart Signing in Somerdale, NJ, USA (March 17,2012)

Niall’s :