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Thanks loveshire!


Thanks fuckme-silly-styles!

Harry at a Tattoo Shop in LA (18/12/12),

Thanks to shawnie-jo!!!

Louis Tomlinson at the airport (19/11/12),

Thanks to shawnie-jo!!!

Louis Tomlinson, in SoCal,

Thanks to rafslaymons!!

Louis Tomlinson, backstage at iTunes Festival,

Thanks to alexaemboyle!!

Harry with fans (5/8/12),

Thanks to niamzaynlarry

Since we are getting a lot of mesages about this, here I made a list of his posible beanies,

Harry Style Inspired/Potential Beanies:

Top (from left to right): 1 (possibly exact), 2, 3

Bottom (from left to right): 1, 2, 3

Zayn Malik:

Thanks to cheesetwerky

Niall Horan in Marbella, Spain (07/07/12):

Thanks Anon for the shorts information!